NASA: The Shuttle Must Go On…

An interesting article by Karen Miller explores the Zero G Battle, and how Astronauts and Cosmonauts must Cope and re-adjust to the relentless pull of gravity... Clearly, the journey from 'space-normal' to 'earth-normal' has been paramount in the discovery of earth's effect upon the human condition...And its tremendous impact on the Astronaut...(See below)

View Video: "Life Beyond Earth and the Mind of Man (1975) here!
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In 1972, a young Carl Sagan expressed concern over economics and the fate of future missions. The same missions we are implementing now; 2007! Perhaps today's News release is a smear fueled by private companies; eager to get their hands on NASA's Government funding...
NASA Shaken by Sabotage, Drinking Claims
NASA| Worker Tried to Sabotage
Shuttle-Bound Computer By Cutting Wires

About the film above: This film is an edited version of a symposium held at Boston University on November 20, 1972 that explores the implications of the possible ... all existence of extraterrestrial life within the galaxy and the universe.

The panel members were Dr. Richard Berendzen, astronomy professor and historian of science at Boston University; Dr. Ashley Montagu, anthropologist, social biologist and author at Rutgers University; Dr. Philip Morrison, physicist educator and philosopher of science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Dr. Carl Sagan, astronomer and exobiologist at Cornell University; Dr. Krister Stendahl, clergyman and theologian at Harvard University; and Dr. George Wald, biologist at Harvard University.

More Impact on Astronauts (on prolonged space mission)
"The heart becomes smaller and weaker, having undergone cardiovascular deconditioning relative to the physiological needs on Earth. Body fluids have been diminished, muscles have atrophied, and bones weakened. and the vestibular, or balance, system has become used to a new set of signals that the brain has learned to understand...
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