Sacred Blessings for Shiva Shambo

shiva shamboo= the bringer of peace... As the fabric of life with sacred traditions are meant to be honored & supported. This timing of the fate of Shamboo catches us at a Celebration time in India...
India Celebrates Independence from British rule.

Hindus await decision in Skanda Vale Temple in Camarthen -Wales
Talk about Media's insensitivity!!
In honor of Lord Shiva, I wish for power of prayer and reprieve!
Wales: Hindus Mobilized to Defend Shambo
Looks like the Shambo illness is a Media smear. #
-Read this article from Gulf News: Sacred bull faces death
May 11th, 2007...
WPC celebrates 150 years of War of Independence
Excerpt: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh should celebrate the ‘War of Independence’ day together. He added that people from the sub-continent participated in the war irrespective of their religion and that Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims should again join hands...

Today amidst the fate of Shamboo...
We direct a positive prayer for respect of ALL Cultural traditions. I send a prayer for unity...For centuries Hindu and Islam have lived in harmony, respecting each other's customs... In the 1980's, a rise in Violent Fundamentalist Militant acts sought to divide these cultures...(as they continue to do, the world over.)

-Today, a greater understanding is needed, to see that Fundamentalist Militants' acts are neither a part of Hinduism or Muslim beliefs!
UNITY: hindu,muslim,sikh,christian,buddhist!
NOTE: Video Content & message more important that visual quality... But I wish they would not have added the bad words about Pakistan, at the end of this 2006 clip. I believe that Pakistan is doing as much as possible to prevent and work against terrorists and Radicalization...

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