Regime Exchange

Dialogue Exchange with a neighboring Regime...

MEMORIAL DAY... This meeting took place due to those who served our Country. We honor and give thanks to you, for your never wavering faith, and self-less contributions in Iraq –MB
-Four hour meeting, completed...
US warns Iran over arming Iraqis
Crocker said that the arming of the militia groups, allegedly led by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps' Quds Force, needed to cease and that the US would "be looking for results." #
U.S. making clear the allegation of occupation with the term 'coalition forces' by invite and invest in security... Meeting moved positively and included a broad agreement for a "secure, stable, democratic, federal Iraq in control of its own security, at peace with its neighbors." Read more.

Iraq would like to see more meetings; but the impression is that the Americans will want to see a change in Iranian behavior before they pursue it much further.
Sadly, as meeting ended, car bomb exploded (centre Baghdad) leaving at least 20 people killed, and 70 others wounded.

-On Sunday...
Iraqi and Coalition Forces had detained one suspected terrorist during multiple raids targeting Secret Cell Terrorist Detained in Sadar City
The network is known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.
-On Monday...
US Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker (left) prepares to lead talks with Iran, today, aimed at discussing security of Iraq...
Will they address a specific (and troubling) issue? (see below)
Alireza Jafarzadeh says:
Don't Expect a Miracle from U.S. -Iran Negotiations

Omar in Iraq has interesting information (will be updating situation)
And has this Pre-Dialogue Dialogue:
”America sends two carrier groups the gulf, flexing muscles near Iran's coast in broad daylight."

"Iran sends us Sadr back three days before the planned meeting. What a wonderful gift!" (sarcasm)
Omar further explains:
"It's common wisdom that negotiations are always the hardest at the beginning, but they often become easier and productive with time. The problem is that common wisdom means very little when you are dealing with a revolutionary regime.” Read more
Here we are, keeping an eye on the movements in the region…
As US troops continue to uncover terrorists & their rogue militia elements...Iran protests U.S. Espionage (Well I wonder why!)

Exclusive: Terrorist training camps in Iran
Read the article by Iran Focus, who has obtained a list of 20 terrorist camps and centers run by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)...Obtained from a IRGC defector in hiding..Read full article

1) Imam Ali Training Garrison, Tajrish Square, Tehran,
2) Bahonar Garrison, Chalous Street, close to the dam of Karaj,
3) Qom’s Ali-Abad Garrison, Tehran-Qom highway,
4) Mostafa Khomeini Garrison, Eshrat-Abad district, Tehran,
5) Crate Camp Garrison, 40 kilometres from the Ahwaz-Mahshar highway,
6) Fateh Qani-Hosseini Garrison, between Tehran and Qom
7) Qayour Asli Garrison, 30 kilometres from Ahwaz-Khorramshahr highway,
8) Abouzar Garrison, Qaleh-Shahin district, Ahwaz, Khuzestan province
9) Hezbollah Garrison, Varamin, east of Tehran
10) Eezeh Training Garrison
11) Amir-ol-Momenin Garrison, Ban-Roushan, Ilam province
12) Kothar Training Garrison, Dezful Street, Shoushtar, Khuzestan province
13) Imam Sadeq Garrison, Qom
14) Lavizan Training Centre, north-east Tehran
15) Abyek Training Centre, west of Tehran
16) Dervish Training Centre, 18 kilometres from the Ahwaz-Mahshar highway,
17) Qazanchi Training Centre, Ravansar-Kermanshah-Kamyaran tri-junction,
18) Beit-ol-Moqaddas University, Qom
19) Navab Safavi School, Ahwaz
20) Nahavand Training Centre, 45 kilometres from Nahavand, western Iran

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