Palestinian Refugees Flee Militant Swarm

Exploits by Islamist Extremists; Further endanger Palestinians...
As Fatah al-Islam (based in Nahr el-Bared) took control of the camp’s entrances and operations of Fatah al-Intifadah (offshoot of Fatah movement)...Thousands of Palestinian refugees flee from their camps (on foot & by car) with continuing fear of the islamist combatants who refuse to go.#
"The main Palestinian factions have distanced themselves from the group. “This is a gang and only 3-4 per cent of its members are Palestinians,” said Sultan Abul Ainain (head Fatah/Lebanon.)
“What they’ve done is an attempt to create a rift between the Palestinians and the Lebanese government.”

Islamist extremists thrive in camps
Roula Khalaf sheds light on the 12 Palestinian camps in Lebanon, of which house 400,000 UN-registered refugees... Largely peaceful; a decades-old agreement disables the Lebanese army from access...#
Consequently, the camps of Ain el-Helweh in the south and Nahr el-Bared in the north, have become dangerous havens for Islamist extremists.

They are well-trained fighters from Somalia, Yemen, Algeria and Syria, some of whom may have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan… Some of those killed were wearing suicide belts, says a senior Lebanese military official… read more
When will the Charters of Islamist Extremists, who fight amongst themselves, stop exploiting the plight of the Palestinians, and stop disabling safety from the interception of funds/aid from many countries? Today, they prevent Israel from safely implementing the Arab Peace Plan...
Who will expunge these militants, who care nothing for the Palestinian Cause?
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