Women Join the Fight in Afghanistan!

UPDATE: I can't believe that I'm seeing a News Agency 'riding along with the enemy' to see if they are winning!
View this pathetic film clip:
"Behind Taliban Lines -- The truth
of the 'war on terror' is exposed!"
Another News Media pretends that murderous regimes have a cause!
Look at them chum-up with these killers!
And what do they mean by, "war on terror is exposed?!" They just can't wait to find proof that humanity might be loosing, as they lend a sympathetic side to terror!
-Maybe they've never been exposed to this:
Huge Warning: -loud...and Very graphic: here
(Please do not watch if you are a child, or have bad dreams.)
Original Post:
No, I don't think we are limited as to what we can do for Humanity... The end of genocide in Darfur, and brutal threat in Afghanistan, should top that list! -M.B.
"We Want Peace for Afghanistan!"
Today, Afghani women enter the battlefield in record numbers! Those females who survived this brutal leadership, have lost husband, sons, and brothers; and are now being 'trained and ready' to stop terror!
View Training Clip: Mar 28 2007...
Women at war with Taliban, al-Qaeda, and drug militants!

Meanwhile, in other parts of Afghanistan (interview March 2, 2007)
Looks like Taliban Coward (and Military Commander) Mullah Dadallah, is ready to fight Women with suicide bombings...Shedding a whole new light on his 'fruitless' attempts to:
(quote)"Turn our motherland into the graveyard." # (unquote)

"We have sent thousands of Taliban suicide bombers to all Afghan cities for attacks on foreign troops and their Afghan puppets," Dadullah said.

"And we will turn our motherland into the graveyard of the U.S forces and their families should wait for their dead bodies. The Taliban's war is only for the freedom of Afghanistan from the enemies of Muslims."
Taliban says: "There Will Be No Reconciliation with America before Withdrawal, Apology, and Compensation!"
(They are waiting to see what the Democrats will do) It's true!

UPDATE: Today's News in Afghanistan

6.2-Magnitude Quake Hits Afghanistan
(Quake was felt 280 miles away!)

Taliban-style vice squads spread fear
(Fear is an 'understatement'!)

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