Howards:"We're Entitled to be Concerned"

Australia in the News... Trying to protect the health of his country is met with sharp criticism toward efforts to clamp down on entrance by those HIV-positive, who plan to immigrate...
From the African Nations...Andrew Ouma (Kenya) expressed outrage, and said: "It is an unfortunate statement which he should withdraw. It affects all people living with HIV-AIDS in the whole world...
-Don't miss video below ;)

...Victorian health department figures show that the number of HIV-positive people moving to the state had quadrupled in the past two years...#
Howard, who said that he would like "more counsel" on the issue, explained:
"That's why I say prima facie, my position is no - although there can be some circumstances where there may be a humanitarian reason and under certain conditions for that to occur, but generally speaking - no."
Mr Howard said Australia already stopped people with tuberculosis coming in and this was why he supported stopping HIV-positive people as well...

Another delegate from Rwandese said, "I am certain he is targeting African immigrants.""It is unfair for leaders to start discriminating against people from other countries using AIDS."

-On a lighter note...You have to see this Video!
In other parts of the Country, early snow is expected to leave climate warmists in a "tizzy"...But the rest of us will "hit the slopes"! Including me... (Soon!)

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