Sovereignty or Secrecy: Strait of Hormuz

The good news? Through the ciaos, the destabilizations, & continual scrutiny...
"Iraq is beginning to Command its place as a Sovereign Nation."#

Concerning the 15 captured soldiers:
Hochiyar Zebari (Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Baghdad) makes it perfectly clear to the Iranians:
"They operated within multinational forces with the agreement of the Iraqi government and under the Council Resolutions of safety of UNO.” “The minister asked for the immediate release of the prisoners and a reasonable solution with this business."
Fox reports: "Britain is in a very difficult situation, and this won't be settled easily." # "They have to look at what is the least-worst option."
But it is not a secret that 26 Arab Nations in oil regions, hold pact to defend Islam... as a priority. Today: Pakistan's Senior MMA leader, Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said:
"If US forces attacked Iran, it would be considered an assault on Pakistan and Islam. Addressing a seminar on Khursheed Gillani in connection with his sixth death anniversary at Hamdard Hall he said: "US forces are trying to suppress Islamic forces in the world, and were planning to attack Iran...The attack on another Islamic country would be considered a direct assault on Pakistan and Islam."
But...Is there a greater secret of the Iranian waterways, than Sovereignty?
History tells us to wonder about the importance of a restricted travel through Iranian waters... In the past (prior to advance anti radar technology) Illegal smuggling of oil from Iraq, which moved oil down the Shatt Al Arab, involved Iranian-owned and registered barges.#

Our intervention? Prevention of a Straits of Hormuz closure:
There are two distinct naval armadas: in the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean off the coastlines of Syria and Lebanon.
These armadas are being built-up concurrently. The Eastern Mediterranean build-up is essentially characterized by Israeli and NATO naval and ground forces. In the Persian Gulf, the naval armada is largely American with the participation of the British, Australia, and Canada. In this extensive land mass between the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, various military movements on the ground are occurring, including Northern Iraq and Georgia. #
Two carrier strike groups—the Eisenhower and the Stennis—are now in the Arabian Sea. One plan is for them to be relieved early in the spring, but there is worry within the military that they may be ordered to stay in the area after the new carriers arrive, according to several sources.

Among other concerns, war games have shown that the carriers could be vulnerable to swarming tactics involving large numbers of small boats, a technique that the Iranians have practiced in the past; carriers have limited maneuverability in the narrow Strait of Hormuz, off Iran’s southern coast.

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