Militant Strain, with Press Reaction

Looks almost as if "thugs in the streets" have (temporarily) become status-quo... Suicide jihadists fill government seats, hoping to vilify the Free World's efforts towards Liberty & diversity. Reminiscent of 'heartless cheers' (post 9-11.)

America's sons and daughters continue to fight with vision of a secure, safe, Modern World. Our soldiers know well that their fight for Freedoms for the oppressed will NEVER be in vain. Freedom remains the pulse of mankind!
(And soon to be 'replacement' for the exaggerated act, below! :)
"Car bombings and Bullet Sprays."
I wonder if attacks and revolts need an appointment with the press... This group of militants (pining for Press Attention) prepare for press interview.
"We're Militants of Al-Aqsa martyrs; a militia related to Fatah," they tell press.

I can't see how any Religion of man's higher spirit, would promote this...It appears to be a script they play, as Man... 'Further harm to poor & oppressed.'
Violent scripture may increase aggression-study
What the Palestinians mean by "End of occupation."
An Iraqi Tribal Chief Opposes the Jihadists, and Prays
"Militant Strain, with Press Reaction"... (sounds like a disease.)

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