21st Century: Civilization above the Waters

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Amidst Earth's ever shifting landmass, Geologists and Oceanologists work diligently to connect the many facets of 'Earth phenomenon'... The process of scanning and drilling beneath the outer surfaces of our planet has produced an archival history of our ominous earth shifts; but ABSENT necessary cycles.

Man's limited mortality is living proof of the process of evolution and his inability to reverse it... And who can deny that to stand upon the edge of a massive canyon, we are instantly humbled...
Technology & Science continue to evolve, yet Ecologists and soothsayers (too) hold their own visions and designs. Soothsayers however, view destiny of the process of renewal as is found within every living element & being... Thus, taking into account our entire Solar System!
(Outside the box, if you will.)

For a large part, the bulk of our research has emerged as a result of consistent satellite mapping...In all, what remains most consistent is the inconvenience that evolution will play against the permanence of man's live-plan (which typically views Earth as the lesser of permanence.) We should look at our lives with profound satisfaction to be little building blocks reaching out to transfer to future glimpses, like pieces of a giant infinite puzzle... And not seeking to prevent change. :)
Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions:
Guilt & fear have become a negative way to view Earth's evolution; which must be addressed in a sensible and scientific way... Nations cannot stand strong in this reasonable commitment, while living in fear...

We must think wise, aim for the stars, and plan to solve issues which might impact future generations...To the mid of the 21st Century can easily be spent in preparation for a prosperous Civilization Above the Waters...
Interesting read: Scientists Find Lakes Under Antarctica
"More than 100 lakes have been found in West Antarctica, according to research published Thursday in the online issue of the journal Science...

The ice above the lakes is moving as fast as two yards a day - "really ripping along" in the words of Robert Bindschadler of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, one of the study's co-authors."
A former article: Jeanna Bryner reveals an interesting "twist" to environmental issues: Invisible Mountains Revealed under Greenland Ice Using the same NASA GISMO technology to map ice sheets on Mars...

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