Japan: Magnitude 8.3 earthquake

Update: Tsunami cancelled! Anchorage Alaska/Hawaii Alert...
-2nd Quakes hit Izu island chain, Chiba, Shizuoka and Hokkaido...
Also: Tonight in Anchorage Alaska:
Video: Brightest Comet In 30 Years Seen In Alaska
McNaught, is expected to remain visible throughout the Northern Hemisphere through Friday, and then on the Southern Hemisphere...

Earlier: PST- 1:24 p.m...
Avoiding Risk: Residents of Anchorage, Alaska were given notice:
-Warning issued Tsunami issued for coast (story below)

UPDATE: New Quakes, No Tsunami
Shakey Islands Dive Residents Crazy with Worry
According to there were worries earlier this evening due to an 8.3 earthquake was recorded under the Pacific Ocean east of the Kuril Islands and off Russia's coast...
FACTS: Both the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin Island:
These Islands are tectonically and volcanically active... A large earthquake in 1995 killed approximately 2,000 people on Sakhalin (total island population is about 680,000). The Kurils are home to about 35 active volcanoes. Fishing is the primary occupation in the region.
-Interesting history about:
The Kuril and Sakhalin Island Controversy
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