Carter: Slanting for Provocation

1/26 UPDATE: Students challenge; Carter issues apology/retract
In honor of Louis Brandeis, the first Jew on the Supreme Court, and robust defender of the right to free speech: Students confront fictional contents of Jimmy Carter's new book at Brandeis University in the Boston suburb of Waltham. Carter, who uses his prominence to preach Anti-Semitic views, issues an:
Apology & publisher correction . (Scores of deaths stand uncorrected)
Here's a conflict so old and one by which terrorist groups (in order to buy bombs and weaponry) have fed-off of its distortions for so long...Now, Carter's new book, filled with distortive passages, & omitted realities, only serves to repulse anyone with College level history.
His Book stands outside of History as its own Apartheid.

But hey, its just to provoke you...You wonder how Carter can equate South Africa's former apartheid system of racial segregation with Israeli treatment of the Palestinians... And then there is also the question posed by many, including Jewish leaders, as to how he can cover a topic and omit the Palestinian's many 'missed opportunities' to have their own state; passed up by the P.A. militant agents who have rejected previous peace deals...
David Weber writes:
"Brandeis, in the Boston suburb of Waltham, is a secular university founded by American Jewish leaders, and about half of its 5,300 students are Jewish. The school is named after Louis Brandeis, the first Jew on the Supreme Court and a robust defender of the right to free speech."
I am sure that they knew Louis Brandeis would want their Peaceful voice, after Carter's talk there yesterday... Good going..
Carter wants to make you think. Well, 14 members of an advisory board at Carter's international-affairs think tank, surely did just that. And resigned in protest!
Read this from LGF:
Carter: "Our Country Has No Reason To Be Afraid"

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