Hezbollah Crimes: A Legal Record

Several pending (or finalized) lawsuits around the World community are designed to create a Legal record of the crimes of Jihad armies of Iran; merged onto all corners of the globe. Although families are left to the task of tracking down and collecting court settlements from Iranian government's frozen assets; the facts, proven evidence, and court trials become a public record of History, by which crimes of the jihadist group's state sponsors, are recorded.

-Canadian PM accuses Hamas, Hezbollah, of genocide
-Iran owes $254 mn to victims of 1996 attack
-Bush signs anti-Hamas law
-U. N. Human Rights Council to charge Hezbollah?
"For Hezbollah’s military operations in Lebanese civilian areas."
-Security Council Approves Iran Sanctions
-Correction: by Allahpundit (And another perspective at bottom of post)
-UN Approves meaningless sanctions on Iran
-Flight: direct violation of the Lebanese law
-Syria preparing the border for war- "death traps"
-Continue to Beware of Martyrs Battalions in gulf
Meanwhile: Friends in Nigeria, Auz, Balarus, US, UK:
We are a few of the Regions of the World who take stands, and remain the most vulnerable. We continue to be on the look-out for small groups that might do harm, and question the validity of propaganda as it unfolds. The jihadist ministate group's state sponsor, Iran, has found a way to divide our countries
(But only if we let them.)
On Thursday: 21 December 2006, 23:56
According to Saed Bannoura - IMEMC (& Agencies)
Hezbollah: “Portuguese plane arrived from Tel Aviv to Beirut"
Al Manar TV, run by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party, reported that the party is in possession of documents that state that a Portuguese military plane carrying eleven passengers, who remained unidentified, made a direct flight from Tel Aviv to Beirut.
The party said that this flight was the first of its kind in the history of Lebanon and is considered a direct violation of the Lebanese law. The plane, according to the report, landed in Beirut on November 21, which is the same day when the Lebanese Minister of Industry, Pierre Gemayel, was assassinated.

Lebanese officials said that all direct flights from Tel Aviv to Beirut are illegal according to the Lebanese law, and that all flights from Tel Aviv to Lebanon must fly through a third place, which is usually Lamaka, Cyprus whic his one frequently used destination Story
joscafe | basilsblog
outsidethebeltway | Conservativecat
-Allahpundit posts full info: Judge renders $254 million
verdict against Iran for Khobar Towers bombing

-An interesting perspective on the UN Sanctions...
Inthebullpen posts- Three Quick Items of Interest:
"The measure seems to be aimed at forcing the hand
of Tehran back to the negotiation table, something
Tehran doesn’t seem at all interested in."
Responsibility for Khobar Towers
Attack Falls on Iran

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