Weakened Will is Not a Strategy

I can't even imagine the thought of withdrawing ones commitment away from the new Democratic Government of Iraq! But then I could never understand the left’s decision to hold expectations above the safety of existing troops; and media spots which sabotaged the successes of the Iraqi people...
-Inthebullpen posts: What’s that ‘new direction’? ...
Jay posts: Democrats Plan Cut And Run For Iraq.

Despite the campaign strategy of the left, which attacked the defense of our Nation (to the aid of the enemy)...
The GOP will not accept "weakened will" as a strategy!

Iraqis have fought, voted and FORMED a Democracy; and will remain an essential, and significant part of the integrity of our Nation!
These 'media-takes' posted by inthebullpen, bare repeating!
Is it really any wonder why, in this last few weeks, we've had to ask the media:
VIDEO: "Do you want us to win?"
Harold C. Hutchison writes something which was troubling not to have been obvious to each and every American...
"Having failed to disrupt three elections in Iraq, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups fought to hang in there, and shifted their aim to American newsrooms"...
-As he continues to write:
"Now, the stage is set for al Qaeda to win a major victory. It was a simple matter of getting the American media to ignore the battlefield victories while accentuating al Qaeda's attacks. What could not be accomplished on the battlefield – an American retreat from Iraq – was instead achieved in American newsrooms."
Read more– Harold C. Hutchison
So what's a viable answer?

-In his article: "Doubling Down in Iraq"
(Warfare isn't like business.) William J. Stuntz (weekly standard) writes:
"Counterinsurgency warfare is more about protecting than killing--like a nationwide exercise in community policing. And the lesson of the 1990s in American cities is that the best way to reduce the level of criminal violence is to put more cops on the street. The lesson of the past three years in Iraq is the same: If the goal is to cut our losses, the best move is not to pull back, but to dive in--flood the zone, put as many boots as possible on the most violent ground. Do that, and before long, the ground in question will be a good deal less violent. Read more
Others posting...
Bryan has more at Hot air: “Phased withdrawal”

JoscafeYOU Voted for it,
Now shut the hell up
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