Media War is Not War Reality

A VERY reliable source told me not to confuse:
"The need to strategize" with: "Surrender to enemy!"

"This is clearly a Media War, at which the Media and Co's will, for power and revenue, under-mine security and stability of our troops, our neighbors, and nation...But one cannot fail to see the irony: The very Americans who work to exploit the currently elected government, claim to do so by virtue of "Freedom of Speech"...But are lead by propaganda from those who deny media transparency, and basic human freedoms to their very own countries!
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While the MEDIA sells stories, Jihadists dream of "over-throwing" countries...Yet, they forget that we are 26 member nations who work to strengthen Democracies of the World; while remaining fully engaged in the future of the people of the Middle East, and World! One should not forget this, even for one minute!
View Huge map:AFGANISTAN: (ISAF)
International Security Assistance Force

Joint Statement by the President of the United States
and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq
We would like to express our gratitude to His Majesty King Abdullah II of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, who has graciously offered to host our consultations. We look forward to meeting with His Majesty in Amman. (November 29-30)
United States Outlines "Ambitious Agenda"
for Riga NATO Summit
Washington -- Afghanistan will top the agenda of the November 28-29 NATO summit in Riga, Latvia, say senior U.S. diplomats, adding that the American priority will be to enhance alliance capabilities and partnerships for future global missions.
In Afghanistan, he noted, NATO’s 26 member nations are working with 16 nonmember nations. “Our partnerships with non-NATO countries magnify our effectiveness and benefit the alliance,” he said. Therefore, alliance leaders want to continue developing these partnerships with countries such as Australia, Finland, Japan, South Korea and Sweden so that they can cooperate more effectively on joint missions. Full story
Nato summit may increase troops in
Afghanistan; while modernizing the force...

Among other modernization issues: The NRF was the brainchild of Rumsfeld in 2002: The 26 Nato leaders will review plans to improve coordination between their special forces which have proved a valuable asset in the Afghan campaign. Sixteen nations will sign up in Riga to jointly purchase three giant transport planes from Boeing to reduce a long-standing airlift shortage.

Leaders will discuss proposals for a shield against incoming missiles and high-tech surveillance systems. Leaders will also be shown a Bulgarian project to develop lightweight armor for helicopters, a jamming device under development in Estonia to thwart remote-controlled bombs, and a Spanish laser prototype to detect roadside explosive devices used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.
jos cafe | basilsblog | Conservativecat

Rick Moran posts: The "Civil War" Debate
Marines say Western Iraq Lost

Jay at StoptheACLU posts:
Bush Says U.S. Won’t Pull Out of Iraq

Doug Ross @ Journal: Don't hold your breath (Cute!)

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