Clinton: A "Painted Reality" of the M. East

I was getting tired of adding the "everyday" pictures of the Militant Islamists ideology in this crisis...So I'm posting what I painted of the Middle East in 2004; (representing hope for the most difficult and war-ridden areas of Iraq.) I envisioned it to be a place where militants over-powered their terrorist war-lords, and developed friendships & better way of life amongst freedoms.
M. B. 04; "Iraqi Freedom"-(Kandinsky- Inspired)
Hillary Clinton calls for 'internationalist' foreign policy
"Clinton blasted what she said was the Bush administration’s simplistic division of the world into good and evil. They refuse to talk to anyone on the evil side, as some have called that idealistic. I call it dangerously unrealistic."
The striking parallel (above) with Hillary Clinton's (think tank) Political platform; is that it "Paints Away" the true intent of America:
1. To protect against the likelihood of future 9-11 attacks!
2. To stop funding terrorists, arms agreement violators of the world!
3. Define the enemy who wishes to do harm to our nation!
(Not necessarily in this order, and more!)
I refute the notion that our country can sit-down and Negotiate amongst a "Militant Islamists ideology" of whose strengths are (not only) in "denial of freedoms" of its people, but hold core beliefs that sovereignty and religious expression belong exclusively to Allah! How quickly collaborations and negotiations can turn to appeasement and support by Americans...
(Allah really translates: "His" representatives= The Regime.)

"Clinton bemoaned "the lost opportunities of the years since September 11," when people around the world rallied to offer support for the United States following the 2001 terrorist attacks. "Five years later much of the world wonders what America is now."
-This Democrat political platform has repeatedly aided world-doubt of our Great Nation, all the way from discouraging world support in the war, to the dangers placed upon the lives and integrity of our Military... All of this for the expressed hopes of altering partisan support!!

A mission which places America's ability to defend herself in the hands of a World-body-consciousness is the direction that the Democrats envision for America! Long known as a platform: "Short on foreign policy savvy"; many believe that they can over-come these short-comings by giving other nations more pull at our democratic policies...Might this be why "every country which violates Human-Rights" are currently weighing-in on our Mid-term elections?!

One needs only to look around and see how Europe may actually be faced with Destroying the European Union in Order to Save Europe; due to the increase "take-over" of a "merging majority" of Radical Islamists ideology...
(Might they have less than 18 months to 2 years? Time will tell.)
Rightwing Nation:
Oblivion! Mindset of the Media..

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