VIDEOS: The Kerry Method- Swift Replay

(2) 60 second VIDEOS from War Patriots:
Veteran Robert Elder, and Retired Admiral Hoffman
(Thank God America regained their sight in 2004.)
-Click to order
"There's more integrity in that confetti,
than "honesty" in this man's words.
We watched Kerry bask in the glory of a potential 2004 win... This isn't the first time Kerry has served a "publicly degrading" blow to the backbone of the security of our nation...But then...Make no mistake about it, it has always been about serving "his" own interests, without regard for those in the front lines during war...I'm sure he's made more "terror-friends" today...But has, again, lost the entire support of every branch of the United States Military...

This just in from Michelle:
Michelle Malkin: Attention
GOP; Help support the troops

VIEW The Kerry Method Today VIDEO

-PS: Message from Michelle and Hot Air, etc:
Asking all of you to support: Project Valour-IT campaign to raise $180,000 to buy laptops for wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at home or in military hospitals.
-Please go over, and donate today!

What is everyone saying in behalf of our Military:
Captain Ed:
John Kerry Supports The Troops
As Special-Education Cases

John Kerry: Get An Education or Get Stuck in Iraq

Don Surber: Kerry should be smart enough to apologize

Stop the ACLU: John Kerry On America’s Military
Uneducated and Lazy

womanhonorthyself: He said “WhaT”?!
Flopping Aces: The True John Kerry

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