"Enemy Aids" of Political Romanticism

Reality Check...

We say that we don't understand how jihad-radicalism can be so "in contrast" to the true principals of moderate Islam; while hundreds of thousands of suicide attacks remain unchallenged... Yet, both claim to follow Allah...

And then, too... For several decades, the United States has held its own differences in beliefs... The dangers and difficulties we face today, were born from these differences, yet today, there are those who actually believe that we live in a perfect world, with a "romantic notion" that one day we will all awaken to a:
Full circle of hands joining together.
IMAGE: Andrew from Sweden-80's
Reality Check...
This may be a shock, but a full circle of
the Entire World's Hands, joining together:
"Is not going to happen!!"

There, now that we have that cleared up....Can we talk about how not to use America's weak-points to aid the enemy and support those who are eager to behead us, and nuke our cities?!... Thank-you."
...And meanwhile, can we support Islam in defining their differences by providing the defense and courage to rid their Religion from Radicalism... (instead of providing support for the enemy)...
It could be that simple...

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