A Sheep Decree?

Today...On breitbart:
Iranian Doctors Say They Cloned a Sheep
Excerpt:-"We learned a lot about cloning during the experiment. It made us more hopeful about further cases," said a member of cloning team at I.R.I. in central Iran...
-The program has won backing from Iran's Shiite Muslim religious leaders, who have issued religious decrees authorizing animal cloning...

On the other hand...
Butterscotch (a true persian) gives his verdict on Islam's
approval of ANY embryo cloning, to "create "ANY" life-form...
View a religious decree, by this group.
"To create physical life by use of any embryo (and the cloning of any form of life) violates the principals of Islam. This is forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be unto him) The promotions of Islamo Fascism, and Radical Islamic Principals are now in complete violation to the principals of Islam.
-Butterscotch...(So, what's the next step?)

-Al- Baqarah 2:216-217...| Basil's Picnic | Jo's cafe
-No, I don't think my photoshop (top of this post) will fly for reuters...
But speaking of Photoshop...
-An interesting post at Outside the beltway:
Adnan Hajj’s Secret Identity

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