Mother Nature vs. the Warriors

Many of the war-aspects are emerging in our time-lines from the 200-300's BC... Particularly the Cyrus and of Alexander the Great's conquest which overthrew the Achaemenid dynasty two centuries after the death of Cyrus...
"And (of course) in the loop: "Every time the tectonic
plates separate, everything (again) becomes reinvented."

-Interesting are those artifacts from (700 BC to 800 AD) which represent still-life archives of former centuries of highly developed scientific and religious cultures and international trade... Having met with the devastating fate of natural disaster, this period was reduced to relic at the bottom of the sea, more than 1,000 years ago...
-As man today, reconstructs and recaptures, and reinvents the past from relics, religions, and rubble... His limited powers are what remain on this Earth. Wars for the sake of the continuum of religious ideology, discount the curiosity of future mankind who will always prioitize the search, for that which is hidden...M.B.
-IMAGE: Photographer Kenneth Garrett
(Egyptian Museum, Cairo-98)
Caption: "For kings, supervising preparations for their death was every bit as important as ruling the country day to day. They believed their bodies needed to be preserved for travel into the afterlife, where they would be reunited with their fellow gods."
-National Geographic is featuring an article about the several major natural disasters which had sent parts of three Egyptian cities under the sea off the coast of the modern-day port city of Alexandria, 1,300 years ago...
-VIDEO -click image-
-These Great finds of over 500 artifacts found beneath the sea, are now on exhibit at the Martin Gropius Bau Berlin.
Surfaced by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio and Gereon Sievernich
-One may question:
So these are the truths, myths, and legends, and archives (above) by which the legendary Greek hero Heracles, with Helen and Paris, Alexander the Great and Cleopatra, have remembered? Just as conflicts today seem to stem from the conquests of Cyrus and liberations of European Alexander the Great??
-No.... I think that there is a greater likelihood that the level of conviction used by the Egyptians, with its methodologies towards preservation of the souls of Mother Earth, serve to prove that man has only the power to create geographical war-loops...and Mother Nature decides the fate of the Warriors on Earth... (AMEN) :)

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