The Succession of Role-model Terror

This is shocking:
-Ht: LGF; Toronto Star Pats Self on Back
"Coming soon, to a school near you?"
A child's impressionable understanding of the pre-disposition towards religious intolerance, is now met with the promotion of a course designed to help them visualize the proper deliverance of revenge, and hate...Destined to give that "pesky" childhood perception of "Unity", a school-sponsored run for its money...

Hamas victory Parade-06 ;©-palkiduse
-Education: Terror as an Option?
A crash course designed to bridge the gap, and further assimilate militant Islamofascism into British society, teaches Children the 411 (and 911, too) of how to construct the proper, and most successful HATE techniques...

"Teaching packs entitled 9/11: The Main Chance"
Tears today, for every small child in the world, exploited, and robbed of the ability to receive FULL encouragement to visualize and construct a reality of "right -vs- wrong"...They are the world's successors, and will determine the world's fate...It is through the teachings of the "role-model" that children learn to form and adopt their reality...

"There are no other options to the development of Peace
than to teach it, and encourage curriculum with its
complete support, if mankind is to survive." -MB

This course compromises the sensibility of youth...And validates the use of terror. Read the story! Please, don't stay quiet! Stand up to your moral teachings, and object to the challenge placed on the "wrong side" of your principals! These people are waiting to hear from you!

-Those weighing in on this topic:
LGF-Toronto Star Pats Self on Back

Hot air's Allahpundit:
British civics class encourages kids
to think like terrorists

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