Old Glory's Day- National Flag Week

1861-Fort Sumter ; Through the glass-06

"For more than two centuries, the flag of the United States has been a symbol of hope and pride. The flag has inspired our citizens during times of conflict and comforted us during moments of sorrow and loss. On Flag Day and throughout National Flag Week, we celebrate the proud legacy of Old Glory and reflect on this enduring symbol of freedom." - Words from Whitehouse -05

Whitney Huston sings: Star Spangled Banner

Whitney Huston sings: America the Beautiful
(Both found on these CD's: Music: 4th of July Party)

-Other posts this flag Day- And National Flag Week:
Rick Moran" “A GRAND OLD FLAG”
womanhonorthyself:I Am the Flag
Third World County: Lest We Forget…
The MaryHunter: Happy Flag Day!

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