Observations & Support amidst Solution

-A Cartoon from a radical Islamic site -Below-

A Lady takes her child to the doctor, not knowing what to do. She states that the baby is not growing, and in fact, is getting smaller...
Note: The red arrow depicts, democracy...

Some Radical Islamic -jihad site- 06
-Location intended to be Iraq...(Not funny!)
The doctor says, "Looks like that child is suffering from an attack of Islamic Republic fever, and has come down with an assorted case of insurgentitis... Which only goes to show just what type of evil we're dealing with, that would dare to destroy the growth of a child"...

"Well.. You just hold it right there...

Because I'm-a coming right on over...

to see what we can do."

President George W. Bush boards Air Force One at Andrews
Air Force Base Monday night, June 12, 2006, en route to
Iraq. -White House photo by Eric Draper

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