Nuclear Program- Awards and a Delay

-According to breitbart:
-IAEA Head Welcomes Iran Resolution Delay

Mohamed ElBAradei is in the Netherlands to receive an International Four Freedoms award for his work with IAEA; on Saturday...He states that it is a good idea that the Security Council is "holding its horses."
Explaining, "The more we can go back to the negotiating table, the more we can address grievances from both sides, the more we have a chance to have a durable solution," he said.

Meanwhile.. Tehran continues its "Nuke Demos"...
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Meanwhile, in a letter to Time magazine published on its Web site,
a representative of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei offered
new options for solving the impasse with the United States and its

"Iran giving us Nuclear options through Time magazine??
..And Mohamed ElBAradei is busy getting
an award for his IAEA work?"

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