ISRAEL: Beauty, Life, Innovations (video)

I remember visiting Israel as a child, and
aside from much of this country's innovations,
no matter where you visit, you will see little
miracles of the energy and beauty, growing naturally
as a little reminder of the life stirring amongst her...
Gamla-05; Israel

View: travel-VIDEO-cartoon!
Video of Israel's Innovations:
(Media player: cute & worth the wait!)

Many, unaware of the magnificence
of Israel, may also be unaware that:

"In the history of last 58 years, as Israel evolved...
(see Video) corrupt governments of Palestine rejected
treaties to benefit the Palestinians. Instead of opting for
the Palestinian's continuing ability for equal quality of life,
they chose to fight for pre-war lands, while planning for
Israel's demise! I stand for both Israel and Palestine
to live and work together, under ONE UNIFIED
-Non-religious- GOVERNMENT!

"Against all odds...It just might work."-M.B.

-little Note-
You may choose to return to this post (after video)
There’s an EXCELLENT photo-blogger that
you will want to visit!

The Middle East Journal
of Michael Trotten
"Peace in Palestine"
Excerpt :

“What do you think about the prospects for peace
now that Hamas won?” I said.

“The Israelis have an opportunity,” he said. “A piece of the
puzzle was missing before. Permanent peace must have the
signature of the Islamists. Now the Israelis can get it.”

An incredible update of a blogger’s daily travels from Israel
to Palestine, the questions about life, Hamas, and economical
prospects for Palestine, in his Brilliant photo log!
Find out the percentage which did not vote for Hamas,
because they refused to negotiate…Why the mistakes of the
Palestinians and the Israeli unilateralism begot a Hamas win.

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