FPU Demands Dissolve of Hamas

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-"This group is on its way OUT!"-

AP Headlines on 5-20-06:
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - A statement signed by the "Fatah Protection Unit" called on Abbas to dissolve the Hamas government, and demanded that Hamas' Interior Minister Said Siyam dismantle a special armed unit that has increased tensions between Fatah and Hamas. If the unit is not dismantled in three days "we are ready to deploy our men and our fighters" throughout the Gaza Strip, the statement said.

A group of Fatah members demanded Saturday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dissolve the Hamas-led government shortly after what security officials said was the attempted assassination of their intelligence chief. The intelligence chief, Tareq Abu Rajab, is a key Abbas ally. Fatah members and Palestinian security officials loyal to Abbas said a bomb that went off in an elevator in the intelligence headquarters was an attempt to kill Abu Rajab. The explosion, which killed one bodyguard and wounded a number of others, including the intelligence chief, comes at a time of growing tensions between Hamas and Fatah. The tensions have spilled over at times into gun battles in the streets of Gaza.

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