Islamic Nation of Jihad

Such hideous behavior reflected in this video.


I am shocked by the chilling ignorance of words coming
from a Muslim student, at a symposium (University of Lebanon).
Not only does this clip demonstrate an open lack of respect for
the value of life, it also demonstrates the weakening of humanity,
at the root of a culture's academic life. A place where being
taught to respect the lives of others was, instead, met with
nonchalance by the student's professor.

Students, called on to answer a question about Palestinian
territories, and what measures should be adopted to set forth
a Palestinian State. Without even the smallest thought, a
student gave his answer. How could anyone carry this way
of thinking towards another...Even ones enemy!
...Definitely, 'Axis of Evil'...
Click on image to View film..

This appears not to be the first time Muslim students have
shared their despicably ignorant view, discrediting the reality
of the holocaust. This story 2005:
USC Muslim Student Union - Open Anti-Semitism
Shows you the lack of respect and ignorance, and hate
within the Muslim community. It is as terrible, as it is sad...
Haveil Havalim...

Haveil Havalim #67!

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