The Irony of a Brick Protestor

Count the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a group
founded by Pat Robertson, along with The Rutherford Institute
(a civil liberties, human rights defense organization which
represents the rights of self expression, & freedom to worship.)
These organizations represent the true liberties which cut
through the scare-tactics, applied by ACLU...
This link has to do with the removal of bricks with religious content
at a library, and shows (step-by-step) the mindset and manipulation
of one man’s desperate attempt to censor the rights of others. It
involved creating a leverage (any leverage) even that which he
(himself) purposely admitted was offensive, just to have the ACLU
take his case to court.
Of course, in Jay's post:
Christians Win Free Speech Victory Against ACLU
We see that the court handed down decision that removal of
these bricks discriminated against the religious viewpoint.
And a touch of irony is that the ACLU actually complained
that upholding the first amendment actually violated it.
This from the brick protestor:

"Please, DO NOT steal, scavenge or repost this work without
the expressed written authorization of Xxxxx (link)

Who needs the guy's article to write about him..
Just a little more irony from a guy who has bricks removed using
the ACLU, for his 1st amendment..& gives a Twist at the end:
..."He forbids you to write about it!"...
Call the ACLU on me buddy..
People for religious Freedom: Don't back down to the ACLU!
...And keep buying bricks :)
Red Cross Buy A Brick Program!

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