Kuwaiti Investors Assemble

09/03/2006 | KUWAITI CITY- Amidst the current changes around the globe, the chain reaction of asset restructuring and shifting of holdings spark protest within hundreds of Kuwaiti investors; shown (below)... This: as the bourse index recorded its largest single day drop

The index, which shed more than 400 points before midday, bounced back to 10,705 points, 2.3 percent lower than Tuesday's close.

Kuwaiti investors who protested peacefully outside the Emirate's Stock Exchange, demanded Governmental intervention, as many have lost 60% capital in the last month and 1/2...In its continual decline, breaking the 12,000-point psychological barrier in early February.
It is interesting to note that the KSE is the main venue of investment in Kuwait, whose economy is dominated by the state and how it spends oil revenues. It lists 161 companies from Kuwait and other Gulf countries...
Commerce and Industry Minister contains that this sharp drop is normal and Government will intervene if it sees a need to do so. The index reflects the performance of listed companies, not the country's economy.

SOURCES:arabtimes and history: arabtimes, KSE, AFP
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