In Memory of Terri

I will never forget, the sadness I felt for this girl, her
mother and family, for the handicapped and defenseless,
the elderly and impaired, and ALL of humanity...

I prayed for this case to be pivotal in confirming court's value
of human life, instead of sweeping it away, and even became
angry as she was denied food & young children were detained
for bringing her water. Even the parents were not allowed by
her side...But right when our hearts were losing hope, and
prayers seemed to be unheard, even though few realized
it.. A miracle occurred...

This is what I saw:

It was to be the very last of statements Pope John Paul would make
(before slipping into a coma) as by the grace of God, it was his time
to leave this earth. In his last statements he (of course) asked for
Terri's right to live, and then asked that her parents & family
be allowed to bring her home .

I had always believed that there would be a special kind of
miracle when Pope John Paul was to pass over, and as miracles
are always a surprise...I saw the parallels of God's opening
arms to the Pope, and Terri's death by induced starvation,
show THE ENTIRE WORLD how Deathly wrong it was
to have made this decision. Dr's held their heads low,
and atheists felt a greater hollow even to notice
that it must have been God to cherish life,
in the first place..

Rest in Peace, Dear Terri ...

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