Visualizing Completion

"If you believe that the act of perfecting is the only perfect part about life, then everything you do, will always be included and will fully contribute to the process of your successes." MB

We all have our routines as we go about the Long lists of expectations we hold for ourselves. Sometimes these lists (in themselves) become a failure. Most lists are are too long to complete, and sometimes that leaves us disempowered...

Keep your spread-sheets, reminder beeps, but along with my records-keeping, this little method, really seems to work for me:

1. I choose four or five errands that I know that I will finish, and post them on little "sticky-post-ups" right in prominent view!)

2. I choose a little quote that is apprepeau for the day:
(This one says, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.
-Henry Ford.)

3. Before I begin each item on the list...I take few quick seconds to visualize and make a mental snap-shot of the particular item "as completed"... (It could be: putting the phone down with a smile, everything packed for my trip, my mail already collected, etc.)

"When the little list is completed I throw that post-up away, and start another one." MB

That's it!

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