View the Big Angel...

[Peter Goldbeck; Bronx-N.Y- Sept.19, 2001]
~View the "BIG" angel: Click-Here ..(Taken: one week after 9/11)

~In a letter to my friend, Ellie; Peter Goldbeck (Bronx-N.Y.) writes about having taken this photo following a cluster of a dozen lights which first appeared in broad daylight: 2 pm Saturday afternoon, September 15, 2001.

Not only did he (and others) see the lights on the 15th, they also saw an oval, isolated, strip of a cloud (filled with the colors of the rainbow) directly above them, on the 19th. (Center photo above)

Three suns:
Just left of our large sun, was a second sun filled with rainbows...
As the crowd observed this phenomenon, a third miniature sun formed right before their eyes!

Taken by disposable camera, the tiny prisms of each sun did not develop... However...the big angel was a surprise! None could see it until the film was developed!

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