Observing the Revolution

[Feb. 11; 2006-Massive Demonstration]
Observed- Sunday- U.S.A. | Millions of Iranians crowded near-by cities and streets of Tehran this weekend, as memories of the Islamic Revolution (27 years ago) served to boost the protest against: "Enemies of the Islamic Nations."
[Feb. 11; Demonstrations -06]
Crowds raged in support for the Islamic government's standings against bulling countries that have restricted their rights to nuclear technology. They shouted for prosecution of all those having taken part in the blasphemous insults to the Holy Prophet of Islam...

A Quick Look at -1978-81- History:

The Ruhallah Musavvi Khomeini studied the philosophy of the strict Imam Shia Sect of Muslims in Iran for two decades, and was eventually recognized by his followers as Ayatollah - a leader on whom the 'sign of God' had been bestowed. Fiercely critical of the Shah's 'alien' western regime, he soon (through vigorous opposition) campaigned for the establishment of an Islamic theocracy in Iran, and became the chief symbol of the anti-Shah movement...

~The Shah had hoped for a reassertion of Islamic values for Iranian society.

[February-1979; Return of Ayatollah]
On Feburary 1st, 1979, three million people lined the streets of Tehran to welcome the Ayatollah upon his return from 15 years of exile. In tumbling the regime of the Shah, the revolution led to their independence and liberation from the East and the West...

The chain of events over the years to come (after the tumble and disposal of the Shah) surely showed the bloody nature of the New Iranian Regime...

After mass civilian and guerrilla attacks eventually overran the major army base in Tehran area in mid February, the brutal force of Islamic code would execute over 600 military personnel from the Shah's former regime... In an eight month period!

Trying to bring stability to a country convulsed by revolution, several of Khomeini's Shiite-dominated Revolutionary council were murdered, Khomeini’s constitution was rejected, pitched battles in Tehran (and other cities) occurred... Extremists and students went on the rampage, and virulently anti-western behavior culminated in the takeover of the US embassy. Whew!

It was not until 1981 that war with Iraq, finally reached a measure of stability.

Moral of the story?

"Keep your eye on that Iranian devotee."...MB

~D.Surber's Sunday's Best posts.

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