No Secrecy Tactics Here

[Released-WH; D. Boher-06]
~Looks like: MSM creates a surprise vetting-issue, here.
~And now a secret agreement..
We will find that the historic details of this 'ports consideration' was years in the making, having most recently reached completion as the product of 'very lengthy investigations and rigorous criteria'... (All a prerequisite to closure.)
In-as-much as the American people are being lead to believe that this was a spontaneous, and "ambiguous move, from a sneaky administration" (interpreted by banding words spread throughout the MSM)...

This was not.

~Also, was not a surprise to Congress or Senate.(More will be forthcoming)

I feel that it looks like Congress (under political pressure) chose to defuse "massive" public out-cry, as a request for more detail...
~This created the MSM impression that Congress had "partial detail"...

"If Americans were to have praised this finality, Congress would have admitted more involvement."...MB.

Update: 2/23/06
It's a big mistake that MSM has decided to exploit their "Secret" hypothesis! Although details of sale will not be public, Government will clarify.

Just more "partial-truth" attempts, by the MSM, to dissuade Presidential confidence. Those familiar with history, know to access more info...When I locate a saved file from an Arabic site (some time ago)... which pertains to this transaction. (And -former to now- administration archives) of which also contain more detail; will post.
~(This proves the need to "save copies of all you find relevant!")
~Again, more will be revealed by those in charge...
~Ferdy, Wizbang,The moderate Voice
~Read: expose the left: Why Liberals Are Upset About The Ports
~Iowa Voice: Could Port Deal Actually Be About Unions?

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