New Children of Palestine

"War children arrive in Palestine."
[D-1948; War immigrants|Palestine]
~Take a good look at these wondrous eyes: close-up
These displaced 4-year old Jewish refugees from Europe, were bound for Palestine (on board the Exodus) and photographed by a Red Cross Photographer: Werner Bischof, as he continued to help settle refugees after WWII. What was observed (as he recorded these displaced children) was their anxious-yet-hopeful hearts, and an astonishingly resourceful, and resilient bond of trust, during time of crisis.

Let's fast-forward to today
We're paying a surprise visit to a group of 4- year old Islamic schoolchildren in Palestine. Here they are!...There's a lot of stomping and shouting.. Must be having a party?

Palestinian children demonstrate against Denmark
Feb. 13, 2006 16:37 | Updated Feb. 13, 2006 16:55
Hundreds of Palestinian schoolchildren, some as young as 4 years old, stomped on Danish flag and shouted anti-Danish slogans on Monday to protest the recent publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in European newspapers.

Our cameraman just squeezed through the crowd, at a cartoon rally. Hey, this doesn't look like a cartoon rally... (Automatic rifles?)
And... What??!! This is not cute, at all!!
[PK-1; Hamas-2-9-06]
Why are they dressing this child like a militant??!!
I want to speak to whoever is in charge, here!

With Ideology, rooted in Palestinian nationalism (not Islam)... How are 4 year old Israeli children (raised within the Hebrew-Jewish faith) able to compete with the new Palestinian mutli-fascism? This election criteria wouldn't happen to have been designed to build a multi-culture of disparaging opposites, promoted for the annihilation of Israel, would it?

Wait! It looks like something on the news!

Important News in Palestine:

Feb. 14, 2006 2:08 | Updated Feb. 14, 2006 2:11

Abbas now controls Palestinian media
By Khaled Abdu Toameh

In an attempt to prevent Hamas from taking control over the media, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Monday decided to place the PA's radio and television stations under his jurisdiction...

"Hamas is about to form a new cabinet and we don't want to give them control over the radio and television stations," a top PA official explained. "This means that a Hamas information minister would have no power over the media."
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