I.Summit: Saddam Bio-Labs

[WND-permission; Saddam's bio-weapons labs]
[Side view of: mobile bio-weapons labs]
Posted on World Net Daily the inside photos of a trailer as was found by the U.S. in Northern Iraq. More information at summit will be forthcoming... Similar to the trailer (televised) during interception of Iraq (as was caught by satellite and viewed by operatives in the field -pre invasion.) Though during invasion clearance, it was expected that contents were removed Syria? we do not know. See full detail of the rest here.

~This was in my draft folder, and the videos are Very interesting and informative! Helpful to get a better visual of what is really going on with surveillance. (respectfully)

Many interesting new topics discussed at the intelligence summit this past weekend. (February 17-20) For those unfamiliar, the summit presenters include top leaders of intelligence, espionage, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence agencies (from around the world)... (i.e.: The free world)
(Also noted at the site: "Particular emphasis is placed on inviting émigré groups from soon to be emerging democracies.")
Interesting Videos (below) interview the summit, of which remains to be... "The most prestigious world conference on international studies, intelligence policy, terrorism, and homeland security."
~It was very interesting to view additional input re: The summit's newly released developments of the Saddam tapes...
~View Videos: WMD files.
~Via instapundit:
"The WMD Files, including interviews with James Woolsey, Richard Miniter, and Bill Tierney, & well worth your time"; (updates more from Byron York.)

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