Inside Saddam's Palace

By now, everyone knows about the tapes...
But only the brave know where the tape was recorded...

Notes: The Palace is equipped with running water...
(Not like the 300,000 without it, under Saddam's rule.)
~Uplifting read

On with the 'short for now' tour....

The stairway leading to an group office...
Seated in-between 20 (or so) upstairs balconies...

Looking out away from the (stairway)

Higher ceilings in the center...
more later on...

And so (as you can see) Saddam was one of the few with proper shelter and amenities. Read the post by Dr. Sanity, which outlines:
The future of Iraq in a Dream City.
~The Thursday B. Post Don.
PHOTOS- courtesy: L.M.
(All content © | Digimarc -06)

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