The Final Tribute

[Martin and Coretta; 1958]
(Above) This was the first of the many peaceful, civil disobediences at which police were unaware of King's identity. Sparked by the Rosa Parks incident, his message was: "To be one of God's children, peaceful and equal alongside the others of God's children." This was their lifetime goal for civil rights.

In fact, it was their simple philosophy, over the next decade, that would enable Martin and Coretta King to stay the course and claim the rights of equality for the entire union of American culture...

What we saw at Coretta's funeral was just one of the many incidents which explain how 'condemnation for self-importance' might replace the King's goal, and fail to provide a voice for the next decade of youth...

Many, who took to the platform at the funeral, paid their final tribute... And some (who did not stay the course) paid to their own professional agenda. And those with such 'divergent influence' to civil rights? I don't believe Martin Luther King Jr. would have endorsed them today.

~Stop the ACLU: King Funeral Turns Into Bush Bash
~Read inthebullpen: Former Carter looks the Other Way.
~Expose the Left had the carter video! HT: michelle malkin.

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