Corporate Al Qaeda? -VIDEO

[Courtesy-West-Point: Thayer-06]
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Newly released documents show Al Qaeda's corporate side.
Via-AOl news | Feb. 16; CNN's Barbara Starr reports:

US West Point Military Academy just released documents, evidently seized after 9-11 at a residence of an Al Qaeda Operative in Kandahar Afghanistan.
(Pentagon verified authenticity; although documents are a few years old.)
~ NOTE: This was one of dozens documents at which West Point Military Academy Special Operations Commander analyzed; to better put into their own words.

"How awful to see this type of situation exists like a business"...

The Al Qaeda employment contract:
(Typing as fast as I can!) Catch the video (above)
Anyway, it goes like this:

Married 7 days 3 weeks
Bachelors 5 days every month 6

Request for travel must be made 2-1/2 mo in ad advance

Monthly salaries:
Married: 6500 Pakistani rupees (108 dollars a month)
(700 for each additional wife.)
Bachelors: 1000 (17 dollars per month)

They are advised to exercise & stay healthy
Receive 15 days sick leave per year

Contract: Total loyalty, secrecy, and adherence to Jihad
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