America Defends her Neighbors

Berchtesgaden in southeastern Bavaria:
It was the year: 1936- (70 years ago)
Events to follow...
[Hitler: 1936-© D-06]
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Berlin, 1936.. (U.P) Adolf Hitler ordered 25,000 German troops into the demilitarized Rhineland adjoining the borders of France and Belgium today, thereby wiping out the last vestige of the repressive clauses of the Versailles Treaty.
~View Hitler's pre-war land acquisitions.

France Places Army on War Footing
In effort to remove Hitler from the demilitarized Rhineland, adjoining the borders of France and Belgium, today. France continued to exhaust every means possible within the clauses of the Versailles Treaty...the League of Nations and the Locarno Treaty signatories...but the gaps between the famous steel and cement pill boxes were being filled with troops...
"Paris calls for Penalty...
Hitler says the treaty is...DEAD"..
At the same time, the Fuehrer offered France and Belgium, his former enemies, twenty-five years of peace in Western Europe, during which the three powers would agree not to make war on one another...

War or Peace
Hitler, in a brown leather coat, saluted confidently, but serious and unsmiling, as the throngs swung past to the tune of his favorite Badenweiller march...Almost every word came with telling impact as he laid down a program which gave Europe, now torn by dissension, the outright alternatives-war or peace.
As his gesture to show that Germany feels free and equal to every nation on earth, he started nine battalions of infantry and thirteen detachments of artillery moving into the Rhineland - symbolic of Germany's military might if she has to fight...

Britain's Position
With about 175 warcraft in and near the Mediterranean, together with between 300 and 400 airplanes and between 30,000 and 40,000 troops in Egypt, Britain is in poor condition to assert its voice in Western European affairs, observers believe. If any of the ships, planes, and troops were withdrawn for concentration at home, it would likely give Mussolini a freer hand in Ethiopia, and perhaps endanger the vital Suez Canal link to the Far East."

Italy's reaction: Indifferent
Italy will not rush to aid France and England to drive German troops out of the Rhineland zone, even though her obligations under the Locarno Pact bind her to do so. There is much doubt in Rome if France and England will invoke the Locarno Pact against Germany. If they should, however, Italy can always answer: "Why should we help nations employing sanctions against us?"

"God Bless The United States of America!"

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