Alec Boosts Comedy Pilot

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"I am saddened by the way that some of our Americans actively seek publicity by slandering the great country, in which I feel privileged to live."

"These irresponsible statements, give great comfort to our enemy at war, as lessons of America's weak-points are delivered into camps of world's terror militant groups Sadly, offering them great support."
[AP-Libyans riot; bombing-17th]

~View message Baldwin sends through media; Fri Feb 17, 2006
Via: Drudge: Alec Baldwin: 'Cheney Is A Terrorist'


"Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be the answer to America's prayers. Finally, someone who might get that lying, thieving Cheney into a courtroom to answer some direct questions." more.

"But at the same time that he trashes America ...

Baldwin Eyes Fey's NBC Pilot
~Via H.R.
~Reporter: Nellie Andreeva...(Click-pic) read article.

LOS ANGELES | Fri Feb 17, 2006 - Alec Baldwin is in final negotiations to star opposite Tina Fey in Fey's untitled comedy pilot for NBC.

The show is set behind the scenes at a "Saturday Night Live"-type show, familiar territory for Baldwin, who has become a fixture on "SNL," on which Fey stars and is a head writer.

He has hosted the late-night sketch comedy show a number of times, most recently in December, and also made an appearance this month.

If the pilot goes to series, it will be Baldwin's first major series gig since his 1984-85 stint on CBS' primetime soap "Knots Landing."

"As our U.S. Administration stated yesterday...

"The battle for public opinion is at least as important as the battles on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan." - Sec. of State D. Rumsfeld

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