True Test of Good Karma

[The Golden Temple: Amritsar-06]
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AMRITSAR, India (AFP) More than 100 hand grenades were recovered from Sikhism's holiest shrine, Golden Temple complex, causing a brief security scare before police realized the cache was probably hidden by militants supporting an insurgency two decades ago.

The cache of 114 grenades -- packed in two cement bags -- were found by construction workers digging the foundation for a new office block within the Golden Temple complex in the northern Indian city of Amritsar, police said. (Story: AFP)

"Can you imagine the scores of visitors having frequented this shrine for 22 years, without a clue that these grenades were present!" True test of good Karma!... (I am so glad this was discovered without an incident.)

[Inside complex Photo:Narinder Nanu-06]
Operation Bluestar:

"In June of 1984, Indira Gandhi had to order units of the Indian army to flush out Bhindranwale and his followers, who had taken refuge in the Golden Temple complex, Sikhism's most holy shrine, in Amritsar, Punjab...

After a twenty-four-hour firefight, the army successfully took control of the temple. According to Indian government sources, eighty-three army personnel were killed and 249 injured. Insurgent casualties were 493 killed and eighty-six injured. Indian observers assert that the number of Sikh casualties was probably higher."
~Story: World Affairs Board

Copyright © 2006 Digimarc images
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