Significant Progress

[Iraqi Soldiers march for Freedom-05]

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2006 | Cheney noted "significant progress" in both Iraq and Afghanistan, such as the liberation of 50 million people, the beginnings of democracy in both places and the establishment of indigenous security forces. "It's a remarkable achievement that's due primarily to the enormous capability and courage of the American military and the president's leadership," he said. "And I think history will judge it very favorably."
~Interview: by Scean Hannity.
~Interview: by Tony Snow

"Dedicated to those who sacrificed for freedom and security."
~I found this CLIP which reflects the time-line when many a discouraging word was broadcast by MSM to our troops, as they fought...
The clip represents, "A year in review" (as was the troop's experience in 2004.) -2.27 min. (Video with photos by MNSTC-I PAO)
~linked with: Conservative Cat

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