Proposed Measures for Iran

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1-28-06 | M.B. on the Bush address:
In the National Address next week, one of the important topics will be to explain to the American people what is at stake in Iran and what it will take to resolve this crisis.
Impact - The cause and effect of solutions and policies and how they might impact the Iranian population, has been an emphasis in consort, from the collective of International concern, and the rational minds of experts from: Iran va Jahan US think tank:
"The Committee on the Present Danger" (CPD)
If you are unfamiliar with CPD: Read : CPD's Press Statement .
All on this committee are equally adimate about the adaptation of:
"Regime Change in Iran", as an official policy.
View: CPD's New Iran Policy Paper .

Proposed measures of the CPD:
(Not in any particular order)
~Sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council;
~Embargo on oil and ban of any foreign direct investment in Iran;
~Building a legal case against the Islamic regime's supreme leader and its current president for torture and murder of Iranians and incitation to genocide;
~Appointment by the U.S. President of a "Point Person" who would speak to Iranians and would dramatize the plight of political prisoners;
~More energetic and effective assistance to pro-democracy activists in Iran;
~Sharply increased support for U.S. based pro-democracy Iranian satellite TV stations;
~Ancillary pressure on Tehran by asking from the Lebanese Army to disarm Hezbollah and to restore the Lebanese sovereignty and freedom.

The common consensus: Message From the Majority:

As result of the Iranian Government's tool for propaganda and revolutionary stand-off against the west, the Iranian people have basically been denied proper contact with the outside, amidst a government, who has elevated an increase in censorship of its people.

Although fully modernized, a majority of Iranians attribute the pillars of their present day regime, to be the result of a stand-off by the West during the eight year war. This complete majority, do not support the arrogant and ignorant remarks directed at Israel and the Jewish people.

Equally out of alignment with the majority of Iranians, is the Islamic Republic's political strategy, clearly aimed at a war with the west. There remains a fear, by the Iranians, that the present stance of the regime may place them on the verge of war with the entire world.

Their eagerness toward peace and opportunity for quality of life, is jeopardized by a small fraction who have superiority and complete control...

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