Green light for Alito

And an angry red-face for Teddy...

I'm glad that this is nearing a close...

No matter how hard they tried to find fault, none could disprove Alito's excellence...I truly believe that Alito will grow with the needs of America, not only with a great aptitude, but with sound and moral capability.
In fact, Alito might just very well be the most phenomenal Supreme Court Justice, in history...
(And if you know me, you know I'm going to think like that. ;-)

Further, I understand the importance of this decision, but feel that it appeared to be a matter of "disproving" rather than (as they indicated) "proving"... To me, this took on an agenda, separate from inquiry...

Final Fizzle-out:
Senator in angst:
"If you are concerned and you want a justice that is going to stand for the working men and women in this country, it's not going to be Judge Alito," Kennedy roared as tourists in the visitors' gallery leaned forward for a better view...

But Frist got the last word...
"The sword of the filibuster has been sheathed," he told his colleagues moments before the roll call began. He scolded Democrats who pursued the stalling tactic on behalf of "the liberal activist agenda," and he warned that top lawyers may decline judicial nominations if they fear the confirmation process has become too brutal and partisan.

Read Jay's great article and great posts from our group!
~Senate Votes to End Debate on Alito Nomination
~Video : At new blog of (former Political Teen) Expose the left.

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