Evolving Shiite Holy City

[Imam Ali Int'l Airport | Najaf; Saad Sarhan]

~View: Image of Najaf during Saddam regime (click pic!)

We have broken the barrier, and now the companies and their money are coming," said Munther Ajina, an Iraqi American who lives in San Francisco but returned to the city of his birth (part time) to serve as the provincial investment director in the office of Najaf's governor, Assad Abu Kalal. "This is a town that for 35 years Saddam Hussein fought to break down. Now we are on the rise."

The story from the Washington Post this morning is optimistic, and no matter how the insurgents might seek to destroy... one cannot destroy the will of the people.
A people from a country whose infrastructure had been devastated by decades of war and neglect....(View image BMP of Najaf above)

People have a tenancy to think that pre-war Iraq was a well running and flourishing city. This is not the case. Not only will 18 billion in reconstruction funds be spent this year, other funds allocated for the improvement of Iraq are being brought forth by private sector.


As in Article 2 [foundation's Principles] of Islamic law:

c) negation of all forms of oppression, both the infliction of and the submission to it, and of dominance, both its imposition and its acceptance.

Repeatedly violating their own Islamic laws in order to sustain oppression, the former regime can no longer hold Iraqis back, from participating in the Modern World.

[Courtesy: Col.-W.-05]

We are their friends, as they embark upon a Life that allows them self-reliance and the dignity of Freedom. Regardless of the cowardly insurgents who continue their attacks (Their efforts will not be lasting.) We join these Iraqis and our President, in continuing, despite all challenges... And to hold a belief in the future of a better Iraq.
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