ACLU Attempts to Censor

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From: Jay
In a news release, and brand new full page ad in the NY Times, the ACLU is accusing the President of spying on what you order from Pizza Hutt. They are calling the program illegal, and on the eve of the State of the Union are asking the President to shut down, what many Americans believe to be a vital program to protect Americans... ~Read entire article: Here
"ACLU requests: The"Eve" of the State of the Union address??!"
"The ACLU doesn’t want you to hear the legal facts, which will thwart their attempts to prevent this vital safety practice.
The ad above represents the use of slander in an attempt to censor; in order to dissuade the American people... And-by-the-way:

"CLU: STOP using the name of America in front of your Law Union!"

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