ACLU and other Concerns

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"America is good hard work."

~(Left) This'll be the only, "Broke-back" this cowboy'll ever see....
~(Right) Didn't Kerry vote for Alito, before he voted against him?

~Stop the ACLU- Kerry Says He Will Vote Against Alito.
(Interesting analogies!)

~Important Notice: From Jay at Stop the ACLU:
"The ACLU lawsuit is being prepared, and we will be an intervening party.
If you would like to join us, and help out, click here!
~Bush Defends NSA Program, Calling it a Terrorist Surveillance Program

"Terrorist surveillance... Protecting this great Nation under threat...Detection and prevention... Authorized and signed by congress...It's during war, and I can't believe that my personal safety is being hijacked into the courts by the ACLU!

What the ACLU and its band of attorneys won't accept,
"Represents the safety of America!"
Because whatever part of America has to do with what we are investigating,
"We want to know about!"

Since our government is the people, you could say that,
"I'm monitoring those who may be targeted to Al Qaeda communications."

America with it's hands behind its back, is "Un-American"...
The ACLU is the only private Law union organization who claims to represent the interests of America, yet does not have a single link in their Newsroom feeds about Iran's nuclear refining...

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