The Sugar Plum Fairy

Click-Image: To view sleeping Ice Fairy~
Nutcracker: Tchaikovsky - 1892
Feline Fairy: Butterscotch - 2005
Attention: Maestro!
~ AUDIO: Nutcracker March!!
Enjoy this lively accompaniment!
"Greeted by lavish celebrations and a beautiful fairy
...dressed in pink spun sugar, wearing a
dazzling iced-sugar crown"...
"It's the Butterscotch Sugar Plum Fairy!"

~Scene 2-Act Three~
Ballet of the Sugar Plum Fairy:

The King and Queen of Snow would soon arrive
to greet and guide them through the forest...
Soon they would travel to the Land of Sweets...
The land of marshmallow clouds, & sweet pools of
honey, where the reflections of the sunset sparkle
in sugar droplets, upon rock-candy walkways. Soon,
everywhere they looked there were dancing fairies, all
about the sugar snow... They saw spun sugar ice trees,
and a palace made with gingerbread, nut, chocolate,
marzipan, ice cream and Butterscotch!
~2005 Featured Nutcrackers: The Christmas Ballet!
~Finest theatre for: Russian ballet ...
The Nutcracker by: E.T.A. Hoffmann;

Composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Original designs: by Bacharov, K. Ivanov
and Ivan Vsevolozhsky.
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