Pyroclastic Avalanche


[arial view: Volcano on Montagu Isle]

When they say "Sandwich Islands" they mean it... A Volcano on November 23rd; has literally grown in acreage (50 acres and growing) within this eruption. For those of you who do not know: This Volcano is 1,500 miles east-southeast of the Falkland Islands, and is covered with a sheet of ice; thus making an interesting study for researchers. Continue reading...

FACT: The 11 South Sandwich Islands form an arc on a volcanic fault line. They are important to researchers because of their remoteness from any continental landmass, making the lavas pristine, or unaffected by continental contamination

...And last night... a new eruption. (Hawaii)


[ East Lae`apuki after delta collapse-Dec 2-3]

Eruption update 7:AM... (44-acre collapse)

~East and west prongs of what was once called the eastern string of breakouts continue their activity this morning.
~Lava comes into view out of the PKK tube at about the 1300-foot elevation.
~Western prong reaches down to about 1100 feet, and the eastern, longer, prong down to about 1000 feet.
~Each prong is a few tens of meters or more wide, but movement is sluggish.
~Outlying patch of lava is visible down an extension of the west prong, at about the 600-700-foot elevation.

Photos: Mother's Day Tube Before The Hawaiian Eruption:


[Photo: T. Orr; Taken August 5, 2005]

[Photo: Taken 18-20 November 2005]
~ Fantastic Images
In Other Areas:

[Sierra Negra, a volcano on the Galapagos Island of Isabel]

Erupting for the first time in 26 years has caused up to 200 tourists a day to descend upon the island! Although the eruption itself did not currently pose a threat, there were worries that the influx of visitors could harm the fragile and unique ecosystem on Isabel. Officials have now restricted the area...

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