The Bin Laden Book - (in the News).....

"How can anyone who, "Hits and Hides", ever speak of our Great Nation as driving force to a reciprocity of violence."

"Who made him worthy of examining the effect of our Patriot Act, or our decision to use Military force...(when and wherever we choose.)"

"This monster with his offer of explanations and exhortations, his affiliates and continual schemes of violence, have neither worth nor value through the usage of any medium."

~Some discuss Laden's articulations, comprehencabilities, and examine the psyche of these bands of cowards... As is viewed: here.

"Two elements of bin Laden's wordy imprecations gathered in this fine volume make this clear. First, he repeatedly expresses his regret at the dissolution of the Ottoman empire and the emergence of an Arab world dominated by the west."
~Some believe that these militant bands of cowards with their senseless schemes of violence, have relatability to that of... (even those opposite my political beliefs.) As is viewed: here.
Excerpt; O'Neill : From his cynical adoption of the Palestinian issue, to his explanations for why he OK'd 9-11, to his opposition to the American venture in Iraq, virtually everything bin Laden says is a rip-off of arguments and claims made in the mainstream media over here."
~They may very well have thought, "Divided we fall...
...but clearly they forgot, United we stand."
~ Festival: Conservative Cat
~The excellent site of: The Business of America is Business...hosts:
Wizbang's......Bonfire of the Vanities #132...
Go see it!

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